How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile in 9 Easy Steps

Some wonder if Twitter is a dying platform, but with 145 million daily active users I would think otherwise. It’s still a great platform for getting news and updates out quickly, but how do you stay in front of your audience with how fast the feed moves?

Especially with the way the Twitter algorithm works currently. It shows tweets based on the level of engagement associated with them rather than in reverse chronological order.

I suggested a few tips for generating more engagement and ensuring your Tweets are seen here, but you can also start by setting your page up for success before you even send your first Tweet out.

Optimizing your Twitter profile

First things first, when diving into a platform that requires more frequent posting than the others, it’s best to go in with a strategy already in mind. Setting an objective such as gaining brand awareness, providing a customer service channel, visibility and traffic to your site, ideas for content, or to simply use the platform as a way to get information out quickly, will help you understand who to follow, what to post, when to post it, conversations you should be listening for, etc,.

Creating a Twitter Handle

Is your username something that’s recognizable or easy to remember? It should be representative of your brand and, if possible, the same as your other social networks so that users can easily find it. It’s important to establish a sense of consistency so your customers or clients don’t get confused with another brand or product that could be similar to yours.

Writing a bio

Writing a bio helps the Twitter Search Engine in understanding where and when you rank based on a user’s search terms. Be sure to include relevant keywords and hashtags so people looking for your product or service are able to find you.

You can include who you are, what you do, any awards your business might have won, or any affiliate brands that operate within your business. Some users also use this space to bring a sense of personality to their page, so if humor is part of your brand’s identity don’t be afraid to include it!

Keep in mind that hashtags are clickable, so be careful that you aren’t adding hashtags that will bring users to a competitor’s page once they click through.

Setting a profile image

This has been mentioned so many times in much of what I’ve written, but it’s important to keep your brand image consistent, so uploading a profile image that is recognizable, branded, and matched to your other social channels cannot be mentioned enough.

Seeing as it’s a relatively small icon, be sure to consider how the image will look on mobile when the size is reduced even more. Think about the colors, text, and size (400x400 px).

Post a header image with keywords

Your header image can be used to showcase your brand in many different ways. You could use it to show top selling products, new products, your team, your store or office, a special business event, the list goes on. This image should be changed regularly to show and promote all of these different things.

Save the file with branded keywords to increase your visibility as well. This acts as a title tag so that when users search your keywords, you’re more likely to show up in the results.

Add your location

If you have a physical location for your business, add it to your page to allow Twitter to match content up with other locally-based audience prospects.

Of course, if you operate remotely then this step isn’t something to worry about.

Make your Tweets public

This should be obvious, but you can’t be found if your Tweets are set to only be viewed by your current followers. Making them public allows for discovery, especially when they have keywords relevant to what your target audience is searching.

Open your inbox for direct messages

This makes your brand more approachable and optimized for accessibility. After all, customers do see social media platforms as a way to communicate with the brands or companies they purchase from or work with.

Enabling your clients or customers to communicate with you directly also shows how engaged you are with customer satisfaction.

Pin a Tweet to your profile

This pin stays at the top of your feed so visitors are guaranteed to see it. You can use this Tweet to showcase content and new products.

Be sure to include a strong visual, clear call-to-action, relevant keywords and hashtags, and link back to your blog or website for more details.

Point to a specific page on your site

Whether you want to drive people to your blog, a free guide, a way to subscribe, register for a webinar, or whatever conversion you have in mind, be sure your page and content point to that page. Provide the proper link with a clear call-to-action and make it clear what the user will find once they click.

Be sure to use an optimized link to track total clicks, unique clicks, traffic source, etc, so you can understand where your visitors are coming from.

Tweeting the optimized way

By implementing these tips to optimize your Twitter profile, you can increase your page visibility and discovery to attract your target audience. Maintaining these features and using the Twitter marketing tips, you’re making it easier for your audience to find you.

Seem a little daunting? Reach out through my contact form and let’s discuss how we can work together!


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