Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Organic Reach

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Facebook began as a way for college students to connect. It is now used by college students, post-grad students, and even some of our grandparents to stay connected with each other.

What’s more is that you, as a business, can have a Facebook page to get in front of and engage with potential clients or customers. However, you may have heard that organic reach within Facebook for business pages is running fairly low. With a reduced organic reach, there is a stronger reliance on consumers finding you.

On top of that, we live in a very distracted world. So it’s important that you grab your audience’s attention before they lose focus and have bounced to the next post on their feed, or off of Facebook’s site entirely.

The key behind Facebook’s algorithm is that the more engagement your posts get, the more reach you will obtain, so I’ve put together a list of the recommended Facebook marketing tips to boost your page.

Key Facebook user and demographic info

Here are four key stats to get to know Facebook:

  1. 1.66 billion daily active users

  2. 27% of users are 25-34 years old and make up a majority of the user base

  3. It is predominantly male at 56% and 44% female

  4. 93% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly

While this last stat is impressive, the Facebook marketing tips found in this article are primarily focused on organic reach and growth. We will cover Facebook advertising at a later date.

Four Facebook ranking signals

There are four main signals that Facebook uses to determine your page ranking which in turn help determine your reach.

  1. How long you’ve been active. This could be difficult for pages just starting out, but keep showing up and stay consistent to prove your place.

  2. Percentage of followers engaging. This will indicate to Facebook how relevant your posts are to your audience, which as I mentioned before determines how many people your post gets viewed by.

  3. Consistency of posts. This isn’t just posting content to post, it’s about when you post. If there are large gaps between your postings, it shows Facebook you’re inactive.

  4. How actively your page engages with followers. Being on a social platform, they want you to be just as engaged as your audience. Interact with followers by responding to comments and show them you’re thankful for their support.

Facebook marketing tips for business

To begin, it goes without say that you should create a business page if you haven’t already. Be sure to upload a profile and cover image that is representative of your brand and recognizable to your clients or customers. Also fill in the details of your business such as hours, location, about, website, etc.

Once your page is up and running, you’re ready to follow the guidelines outlined below! Let’s get started.

Focus on quality content

You can upload videos, photos, or text-only posts to your Facebook page. Videos work best when they are at least three minutes long. One idea for this could be a behind the scenes capture of your office or work space.

The idea is that reach depends on the relevance or quality of your post to your target audience. You can target within your newsfeed to make sure you’re getting in front of consumers who fall into your specific interest.

Facebook wants to keep people on the site, so try to avoid having too many outbound links with your posts. As much as we want to promote content on our own sites, break it up into bite size pieces for your Facebook fans and limit the number of times you link it back.

Ensure timely interactions

Facebook prefers businesses respond to messages and comments within 24 hours. This ties into both your level of activity as seen by Facebook, as well as how you’re engaging with your followers.

Inform your followers

You likely aren’t the only business page they’re following, so to make sure you’re being seen, encourage them to make your page a “See First.” This may be hard to do without being pushy, so encourage it in a way that makes it seem as though they’ll receive exclusive content, or be the first to know for major announcements or discounts.

Know when to post

Similar to Instagram, Facebook insights will show you when your audience is highly active online. Be sure to target these peak hours with your content so you get more eyes right out of the gate. This also makes it easier for your content to stay at the top of the feed as (hopefully) more people are engaging with it initially.

Falcon suggests that the best times to post are at 9am as people are commuting to work or procrastinating beginning work, between noon and 4pm which suggests people on their lunch or midday break, and 8pm as people are winding down after dinnertime.

Encourage engagement

Of course, this is an obvious one as this is one of the goals by reading these Facebook marketing tips. But one way to encourage audience engagement is to post content they actually want to see. You can check your post performance within your Facebook page insights and cater future posts to be similar.

A general idea to follow is that people like to see inspiring, funny, and interesting posts. Also being the first to know a big announcement can get people excited. These are posts that people want to share, which gets your content in front of their friends and in turn increases your reach.

Whatever you do - avoid clickbait at all costs. Keep everything authentic and focused on your brand.

Build interaction

Encourage your employees to like/share/tag your business page. This then gets it in front of their audience and encourages even further engagement. Their audience in its entirety may not be a potential fit for your business, but I’m willing to guess at least a handful of them are.

Focus on targeting

With newsfeed targeting, you’re able to get down to specific interests. This allows you to target your ideal audience, and also their friends with similar interests. Try to avoid audience overlap, so you’re hitting different audiences rather than the same one repeatedly. You can check this using the Audience Overlap tool within Facebook ads. It allows you to compare five different audiences at once to see the percentage of people who overlap in those audiences.

You should also test targeting expansion. It allows you to add or remove interests to reach more people who may convert, but wouldn’t have otherwise been in your audience.

Keep in mind that you want to leverage lifetime value. This is great for your ROI as it lets you focus on customers or clients that will keep coming back, as opposed to someone who is only looking to make a one-time purchase.

Leverage low-cost ads

With organic reach being very low, these ads can help boost it with clicks on your page, engagement on posts, and likes/follows. It differs from simply boosting a post in that boosting targets your audience, but doesn’t target people likely to convert. Ads, however, target those people likely to buy.

Facebook marketing tips you can act on now

Growing organically through Facebook can be a challenge, but if you put these tips to use you’ll certainly be doing better than the rest. Stay focused and above all, consistency and interaction is key.

Feeling a bit daunted by this list? Connect with me and let me know where you’d like some help!


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