10 Marketing Tips for Twitter

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Originally known for its 140-character messages (now 280-characters), Twitter is the platform best used for quick news updates and getting quick peeks into what people are thinking.

It’s communicative and informative as much as it is humorous and entertaining. Brands have an advantage with Twitter to post business news, upcoming launches, promote recent articles or features, and at the same time truly showcase a brand’s personality with in-the-moment behind the scenes looks or real-time updates.

Let’s take a look at the effective marketing tips for Twitter.

Active users and demographics

While the Twitter feed may be very fast paced, it always serves to take a second to dig into the usage and users of the platform. Take a look at the four key stats below.

  1. 152 million daily active users

  2. Very close age demographics with 29% being 25-34, 24% being 18-24, and 23% being 35-49 years old

  3. Predominantly male with 66% male users and 34% female users

  4. Site referral traffic is up 6% YoY

Marketing tips for Twitter

To get started, make sure you’ve chosen the correct handle, profile image, and header photo. These should all be representative of your brand and easily recognizable. When creating your bio, keep it accurate and targeted, use relevant hashtags, and tag other brands you may be associated with. It also doesn’t hurt to add some personality or humor, and also brag a little.

Now let’s take a look at how to either begin a successful Twitter journey, or improve upon your current one.

Find your Twitter voice

Just like with any other platform, you want your voice on Twitter to be consistent with your brand. This keeps it authentic and not as if it’s being run by either a robot or someone who isn’t connected to your brand.

Audit account to see what is or isn’t working

Be sure to check out your hashtag performance, individual tweet performance, and your individual Twitter audience. Take note of what’s working really well, and what’s working poorly. Next obvious step: keep the good stuff and chuck the bad stuff. Then dig into anything similar to what’s working and use more of it.

Having relevant content also encourages Twitter to put your Tweets higher on the feed. It takes into account the level of engagement a Tweet has to understand what users want to see.

Add images and video

According to Buffer, Tweets with images received 89% more favorites. This doesn’t mean every single Tweet should have an image, you don’t want to look spammy, but be sure to mix a few of them into your content mix.

Use hashtags and trends

Hashtagged Tweets get almost double the engagement. This is because hashtags are used as keywords in searches, so that people can find and read content they’re interested in. Therefore, your Tweet is showing up in this feed as well as your followers’ home one.

You can also search keywords relevant to your industry and become a part of the conversation in which any of them are trending. This gets your voice heard and brand seen as conversations around the topic are actively taking place.

Use CTAs

Adding a CTA, such as “check out our site” or “read more,” encourages action. Especially if you provide a short teaser in the Tweet, the CTA lets people know what they should do next and keeps them engaged with your brand and content.

Find out when to Tweet

If you’ve read any of the other articles I’ve posted related to marketing on different platforms, you should be noticing a trend. It’s important to understand when your audience is most active so that your Tweet ends up in front of them, they engage with it, and voila! Your tweet is now seen as relevant by Twitter.

With Twitter’s algorithm focusing on relevancy, there’s no real way to tell how long your Tweet will last in a visual position on the feed. Unless a user turns off the algorithm, then your visibility time is greatly reduced as people Tweet over you and you fall lower and lower down the feed.

Schedule Tweets ahead of time

Again, a common trend in the social media landscape. Make it easier for yourself by tracking the times your audience is online and active, and using a scheduling tool to post for you. This guarantees your Tweet will go out at the optimal time, even when you’re caught up on a project and lose track of time.

Engage with followers

An easy way to do this is to ask questions or take polls for your followers to interact with and answer. These can be questions related to common issues your audience faces, or polls on their thoughts regarding the latest news in your industry.

Be sure to respond to comments and messages as well. People are on Twitter to look for and engage in conversation. So don’t be the brand that only talks at them.

Utilize advanced Search

You can use this tool for two key reasons: to find potential customers and to see what’s being said about your brand. Use this to attract and engage with potential new followers, and to see if there are any problems you need to address with current or past consumers.

Set measurable goals

As always, be sure to track the right analytics such as follower growth rate, engagement rate, etc. Set goals that are attainable and easy to measure.

Succeeding with marketing tips for Twitter

Twitter is a much faster platform than the rest. Use these tips to help increase your visibility on the platform so you don’t get lost in the crowd. And you definitely need to be more active than the others, which is where a scheduling tool comes in handy.

Still unsure of how to best manage or improve your account? I’m here to help! Just fill out a contact form and we can start chatting.


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